• Celebrate Pi(e) Day With the Best Pi(es) in Manhattan & Brooklyn

    Celebrate the holiday with some delicious pi(e)!

    By Grace Oshin

    Four & Twenty Blackbirds

    March 14 is National Pi Day! It’s a day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π), but if you write down the numerical version of pi, 3.14, and hold it up to a mirror, it spells pie! In honor of Pi Day, we have compiled a list of the top 10 pie shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn to help celebrate the right way–with dessert. You don’t have to be good at math to enjoy pie! Swap out your calculator for a fork and get ready dig into a delectable slice of pie (or two) at one of the following reputable pie shops.

    Petee’s Pie Company: Visit Petee’s Pie Company, located on the Lower East Side, for a slice of Petee’s homemade, mouthwatering pies. Worth the price tag at $5-a-slice, you will taste the rich flavors and local, high-quality ingredients in the fruit pies. Choose from popular flavors like apple, blueberry, cherry, and black current. Petee’s also offers vegan and gluten-free options! Plus, save time and avoid long wait lines by ordering your pie online. peteespie.com

    MomoFuku Milk Bar: Pi Day is the perfect time to get a taste of the pie that New Yorkers can’t get enough of! The Crack Pie served at the MomoFuku Milk Bar, located on 251 East 13th Street, is known for its scumptious gooey middle held together with a light flaky crust. This dessert will leave you in a well deserved sugar coma and your teeth will sink into this pie, sending your salivary glands into overdrive! They call it Crack Pie for a reason–it will definitely have you coming back for more. milkbarstore.com

    Little Pie Company: Discover NYC’s best kept secret this Pi Day! The Little Pie Company, located in Hells Kitchen, will satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings with their seasonal Pi Day specials. You can buy a large pie in store and get a free pi symbol sugar cookie. Enjoy a variety of unique pie flavors including Strawberry Rhubarb, Sour Cream Apple Walnut, Three Berry, and much more! littlepiecompany.com

    Four & Twenty Blackbirds: Head over to this quaint rustic pie shop in Brooklyn that will have you obsessed with their critically praised pies! Can’t choose between their rich Salted Caramel Apple pie with homemade whipped cream and their Cranberry Apple Crumble? Why not treat your self to both! birdsblack.com

    Pie Corps: Everything you need to know about Pie Corps, located in Brooklyn, is in each delicious bite of their pies! Pie Corps offers handmade savory and sweet pies made of the finest quality. They are soul satisfying, rich in flavor, and best of all, they are made with love. Be sure to taste their signature Apple Crumb with Rosemary Caramel pie, which comes topped with a drizzle of rosemary caramel and a layer of buttery crumb topping! You’ll leave this pie shop with your belly and heart full. piecorps.com

    Butter and Scotch: If you are more of a custard pie lover, then you can’t go wrong with this Crown Heights dessert shop! Although their Bourbon Ginger Pecan pie won 1st place in the Annual Brooklyn Pie Bake-Off, which proves they don’t play when it comes to pie, the local favorite to try is the decadent s’mores pie. With a crumbly crust made of homemade graham crackers, a torched marshmallow, and a thick chocolate filling, you’re sure to have some messy fun cutting into this pie! butterandscotch.com

    Blue Stove: Here is yet another excellent pie shop that will make this holiday one for the books! Located on 415 Graham Avenue, Blue Stove offers a mix of savory and sweet all in one pie, including the popular Cheddar Crusted Blackberry Apple Pie. Blue Stove doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to their apple pie glazed with purple blackberries in a savory cheddar crust. Sounds like a finger licking good time, doesn’t it? thebluestove.com

    Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie: When you go to a pie shop with the name of the pie in the shop title–you know it’s good. Key Lime is a very popular yet particular type of pie, and at Steve’s, located on 185 Van Dyke Street, they will serve you up the real deal. Steve’s specializes in Key Lime pies, and there are no slices offered here, just whole pies for the real deal key lime fans! But if you’re cutting back on calories, you can order the shop’s famous swingles, a 4-inch mini key lime pie stuck on a stick, dipped in chocolate, and frozen. facebook.com/keylimepieauthentic

    Yura On Madison: This charming pie shop located on Madison Avenue serves one-of-a-kind pies! Their buttery, flaky crust will melt in your mouth, and the fruit-filled middle of their Blueberry pie is heavenly. Don’t miss out on tasting a pie from this reputable cafe and bakery on Pi Day! yura.nyc

    Bubby’s: You can never go wrong when you enter a pie shop named “Bubby’s.” Head on over to 120 Hudson Street for pie that tastes and feels just as good as grandma’s homemade pie. Fruit lovers will enjoy a slice of their classic fruit pie flavors like sour cherry. But if you’re sweet-tooth is craving more, then go for the over-the-top, sky-high slice of Peanut Butter pie. Filled with thick peanut butter mousse, topped of with a layer of chocolate, and made with Bubby’s homemade graham cracker crust, you will definitely be in a sugar coma after a couple bites! bubbys.com




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