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Time to Unplug

By Jess Michaels

Camp provides kids with a chance to disconnect from technology

bank street_IMG_3012 Bank Street For generations, summer camp has been a place where children can connect with nature and with each other. But in today’s technological world, it can be a real change of mindset for both children and parents, to forgo technology for the weeks that children are at camp. According to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, [more]

Communicating With Your Child At Camp

By New York Family

Each camp has their own communication policies, so it is important for parents to find out what their child’s camp policy is before summer begins.

bank street_IMG_3012 ONE-WAY EMAILS Many summer camps subscribe to services that allows parents to send one-way emails to their campers, and the emails are printed out and given to campers with the mail. Most camps don’t allow email correspondence back, but campers can write their parents letters in response. One-way email is a quick and efficient way for parents to correspond with their [more]

The Coolest Things About Summer Camp

By Jess Michaels

What’s so awesome about summer camp? Check out our top reasons to give your child the experience of a lifetime!

Camp Incarnation Camp Incarnation Editor's note: Click HERE to learn about our Camp Fairs this weekend, March 8-9! Camp can provide children with an amazing summertime, making it difficult to narrow down the reasons why it is just so great. Here’s our list of stand-out qualities about summer camp. Your child will likely be able to come up with dozens [more]

Camp Chic: Great Gear For Happy Campers

By Mia Weber

Our top picks for the best essential items to send your child to summer camp with

1_racoon graphic_gap Editor's note: Click HERE to learn about our Camp Fairs this weekend, March 8-9! The Boy Scouts said it first: “Be prepared!” There’s no better time to take that time-tested idiom to heart than when gearing your little one up for a fun-filled summer at camp. Our favorite camp-worthy items are equal parts fun and functional, and will surely have your [more]

Camp Fairs Are A Great Place To Start

By New York Family

New York Family hosts two in February

10Questions Finding the right summer camp for your child is one of the most special gifts that you as a parent can give them. With all the options out there—day or sleepaway, city or countryside, single sex or co-ed, specialty or general, two, four, or eight weeks—a great way to begin your search and better understand your options is by visiting [more]

Visiting Summer Camps

By Jess Michaels

If You Can Swing It, The Best Way To Get To Know A Camp Is To Visit It

10Questions If you’re considering day or sleepaway camp for your child next summer, a good way to get a feel for a certain program is to tour it this summer. Scheduling tours a year earlier gives the future camper and the entire family a chance to see camp as it really is—and there’s no better way to understand the camp’s culture [more]