New York Family Camp Fairs

Nature Can Nurture

By Posie Taylor

How Camp Helps Boost a Child’s Emotional Intelligence

Why consider summer camp for your child? Perhaps you hope to raise another Michelle Kwan or Tiger Woods. Maybe you are desperate for an alternative to a summer of day care, chauffeuring, and video games. But according to child development experts at the American Camp Association, there is an even more compelling reason to consider a high-quality summer camp: Children [more]

Hot On The Summer Camp Trail

By Charlotte Eichna

If You Haven’t Already Thought About Summer Camps, Here Are 5 Key Tips For Finding The Right One

1. Involve Your Child—To a Degree “Obviously, you maybe don’t let the child pick the exact camp, because they may pick it from the pretty picture in the brochure and not based on safety or some other issue,” says Jon Malinowski, Ph.D., camping author and expert. “But the worst thing a parent can do is to just choose [more]

Calming The Summer Camp Jitters

By Bob Ditter, L.C.S.W.

How To Prepare Your Child For That First Time Away

Sending your child away to camp for the first time is a major milestone for most families, one that is often marked by excitement, anticipation, and perhaps even some anxiety. Camp is certainly about making friends and having fun, but it is also about being on your own and being a part of a community. One [more]