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Special Choices

By New York Family

For Children With Special Needs, There’s Been A Wonderful Bloom Of Camps—General And Specialized—That Can Help Them With Their Challenges While Enjoying The Full Camp Experience

ake_rocketry Summer camp provides children with the opportunity to develop new skills, build self confidence and learn to work with others as a team. There are many factors you need to consider when looking for a camp for your child including a camp’s philosophy, program emphasis, and what type of child is successful at the camp they are looking into. And [more]

The Perfect Fit

By New York Family

How To Find The Right Summer Camp

You are considering a summer camp, but how to choose? There’s a camp that is ideally suited for every child, providing a summer of growth and fun, whether your child attends a day or overnight camp, a specialized or traditional camp. With a little help from the camp professionals at the American Camp Association, here’s some sound advice that helps [more]

Is Your Child Ready For Camp?

By Jess Michaels

Whether They Are Going To Day Camp Or Sleepaway, Most Kids Have Some Trepidation The First Time. Here’s How You Can Bolster Their Readiness (And Yours Too)

Boys standing in front of paddles Your child going to summer camp for the first time is a big step in his or her life. While it is an exciting time, your kid going to camp may cause some nervousness for you both. So how do you know what is the right time to send your child to camp? “When considering camp, you want to make sure [more]

Getting Along

By Posie Taylor

How Summer Camp Helps Kids Develop Emotional Intelligence

Jeremy and Tony are excited to go fishing. Their counselor helps them to work out a way to share the one rod fairly without arguing. Their newfound ability to share without anger carries over to their cabin with who will operate the only working flashlight. Sarah's nature counselor watches with delight to see this shy nine-year-old gently and competently organize her [more]

The Green Outdoors

By New York Family

How Summer Camps Foster Environmental Awareness

Experiencing the outdoors enhances children’s ability learn, lead and enjoy nature, as well as gain a lifelong interest in caring for the planet. But parents who want to be sure their kids know a toad from a frog and a catfish from a crawfish don’t need to go it alone. Camp programs are among the best ways for children to [more]

Lights, Camp, Action!

By Christeen Vilbrun

Performing Arts Camps Let Kids Who Love Theater, Music And Dance Hone Their Craft And Have The Time Of Their Lives

Most people hear "summer camp" and think rope bridges, capture the flag, bonfires and s'mores. But for thousands of kids these days, "summer camp" conjures images more like those you'll find in Disney's popular "Camp Rock": learning lines, practicing scales, rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing—and ultimately, basking in the warm glow of the spotlight. "We want kids who love theater and are [more]