Sponsored Scoop: Teen Cooking Camp in Professional Kitchens

By New York Family

Don’t miss this great teen camp from the International Culinary Institute, August 4-13

cooking If your teen's dream is to work in a professional kitchen, or they just love the idea of developing their culinary talents -- then the International Culinary Center's Cooking for Teens course --an intense, inspiring class for students ages 13-18-- is the perfect pick! This course requires zero experience. It's a technique-based class that will teach the skills to create meals [more]

Ilili Box Releases Boxes For Kids

By Jaime Rochelle Herndon

Grab lunch for the whole fam this summer with yummy kid-friendly ilili boxes

Kafta Balls Lemonade Summer in the city means more outdoor activities, and when you’re on the go, there are plenty of outdoor food vendors from which to choose. If the kids can’t take the thought of another hot dog or slice of pizza, ilili Box has just the thing – their own kids’ menu. Just like grown-ups, kids can order their own Box, with [more]

Top 5 Snacks from the 2014 Snack Attack Showcase

By Tiffany Lu

New healthy and tasty snacks the whole family will love!

Oceans-Halo Marinara Pasta Chips Over 20 different brands showed off their new snacks at the recent 2014 Snack Attack Editor Showcase. There was a little of everything, from drinks to chips to pre-packed lunches. After sampling a little of each, we rounded up our top five favorites that kids will love for the taste, but parents will love for [more]

Delicious Smoothies in New York City

By Nicole Goldstein

Enjoy a tasty and healthy treat with your family this summer!

Smoothies are refreshing and delicious! Get your kids the nutrients they need at one of these smoothie places. Plus, they will love the different flavors and combinations, especially on a hot summer's day. Smoothies are refreshing and delicious! Blossom du Jour All smoothies are made with soymilk at this vegan restaurant. Choose from a selection of smoothies in one of their 3 locations. If you’re looking [more]

Recipe: Perfectly Smoked Pork Ribs

By Mark Roper

Pitmaster Mark Roper, of Morgan’s Barbeque, serves up a sizzlin’ good summer dish

morgans Celebrate warm summer weather with perfectly smoked pork ribs. Morgan’s Barbecue, near the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, serves up traditional, Texas-style barbecue ribs, smoked overnight in their in-house smoker, but you can make a similar product at home by following a few simple steps from Pitmaster Mark Roper. 1. Choose the right ribs for the occasion. A St. Louis cut (or [more]

Picnycs Is Adding New Locations Around The City This Summer

By Anastasia Capatina

A new picnic basket delivery service brings tasty treats right to your special corner of the park!

IMG_5370 Here’s another reason to love summer: It’s the season for picnics in the park! And here to take the hassle of lugging around heavy bags and waiting in supermarket lines out of the prep, is a picnic-in-the-park service called Picnycs. “We felt it takes all day just to prepare for a picnic, and then you’re too exhausted to actually enjoy it,” [more]