Putting Young Learners In The Spotlight

By Dianne Drew

A local educator weighs in on the value of early childhood education

dianne As a preschool through grade 12 Head of School─and the mother of a six-month-old daughter─you would think I have answers to nearly every question about young children. I am certainly in an ideal position to observe them in action both at home and on the job. I am also privileged to work with a team of educational specialists who have [more]

Lovers As Parents, Parents As Partners

By Eric Messinger

A note for April 2014 from our editor Eric Messinger

Popes and dreams: Associate editor Mia Weber with our cover couple. Photo by Sarah Merians Photography Popes and dreams: Associate editor Mia Weber with our cover couple. Photo by Sarah Merians Photography Blame it on spring. I’m in the mood to talk about love, and the thought that keeps recurring to me is that I can’t imagine a better companion than the one I have, my wife Rebecca. That’s such a powerful assertion [more]

Nominate NYC Teacher & Parent Heroes

By Eric Messinger

Be sure to give recognition to some of the deserving educators and super parents in your child’s life

EM blog I have something really important to ask of you. Actually, it’s two things:  1. If your child has a teacher you really appreciate, please take a minute right now to nominate the teacher for a Blackboard Award For Teachers. We welcome nominations for wonderful, dedicated teachers in New York City from all grade levels (nursery through high school); and from all [more]

Rite Of Passage: Ear Piercing

By Karen Haberberg

One local mom–and photographer–takes her daughter to get her ears pierced and documents the experience with touching photos and a personal reflection

4 One of my first memories is that of getting my ears pierced. I must have been 4 or 5. I remember the stinging needles pierce my ears, the burning astringent, and finally the excitement of these new pieces of jewelry: My very own pair of tiny heart earrings. It was a milestone. I was finally a big girl. Now, I’m the mother [more]

Birthday Wishes

By Eric Messinger

As His Son Turns 10, Our Editor Wonders About His New-found Generosity

EM blog My youngest child, my son Adam, turned 10 on Tuesday. He’s such a sly guy; I think he invoked the “But It’s My Birthday” Rule to get me to accede to ten separate requests that I otherwise might have resisted. But a very interesting and encouraging moment arose when it came time to choose a dessert stop after dinner at Chipotle, [more]

The Smitten Husband

By Eric Messinger

For his wife’s birthday this year, our editor decides to say “I love you” with a kebob

EM blog Today is my wife’s birthday. It happens to coincide with a time when I’ve been thinking a bit about my experiences and expectations of our marriage, now in its 16th year. My parents had an awful marriage from the start, culminating in a scorched-off divorce when I was 8. So why have I been so lucky in love—to find myself [more]