Battling The Winter Blues With Help From The School Counselor

By Dianne Drew

A Local Educator Weighs In On The Value Of A School Counselor

imgres As a Head of School, I know that this time of year is the most difficult hump in the academic calendar for students. I often tell my school community (teachers, parents, and students) that February is like being at the crest of a very large hill on a roller coaster. If you can get through the long, slow ascent of [more]

But It’s My Party!

By Eric Messinger

As his son contemplates who to invite to his birthday party, our editor chats with him about the complications of friendship and feelings

EM blog During the week leading up to my college graduation, I committed one of the great social slights of my life by advocating for the exclusion of one of my peers from a final friends-only dinner—not because he had done something horrible to me, but merely because I wasn’t as close to him as I was to the others, and I [more]

Dad To Dad

By Matt Schneider and Lance Somerfeld

As the popular NYC Dads Group reaches their fifth anniversary and launches a national hub, the founders share five important truths they’ve learned about fathers and fatherhood

New Dad Bootcamp with the NYC Dads' Group New Dad Boot Camp with the NYC Dads' Group Editor's Note: Five years ago, Lance Somerfeld and Matt Schneider—two stay-at-home dads who had first become friends as teachers at a Bronx public school—thought it might be a good idea for their social life (and sanity) to see if there were other stay-at-home dads around who might be [more]

Great(est) Aunties

By Lani Serota

One local mom reflects on the importance of amazing aunts in the life of any child

NYCFAMapril I have many wonderful "aunties" in my life, from blood relatives to godmothers to loving neighbors, without whom my life would be incomplete and without whom my teenage years would have been absolute hell—rather than merely sheer agony. My older daughter’s Hebrew name is honor of my maternal great-auntie Ala. Ala’s twinkling blue eyes and mischievous wink were a delight to [more]

The Joy Of Adam

By Eric Messinger

Spending time with a quieter and more polite boy compels our editor to reflect on his relationship with his son

EM blog On our quick trip to Blue Mountain in the Poconos last weekend, it was impossible not to notice that my son and his friend who joined us have almost polar opposite personality types. Adam is social and high energy, while his buddy is reserved and reflective. And, I must admit, at the beginning of the trip, I was guilty of praising [more]


By New York Family

Our editor’s son knows just the tone to set at morning drop-off.

EM blog He said it to me in a way that was cute, not nasty, so I received it in a way that amused , rather than annoyed me.  Still, what my fourth grade son said to me at drop-off today, reminded me of how our hand-holding days are truly behind us. For a while now, the pattern that Adam and I have [more]