Flight Patterns

By Eric Messinger

As our editor’s son approaches the big 1-0, he reflects on his son’s unique sense of humor

EM blog Adam turns 10 in a few weeks, and one of great mainstays of his life has been his friendship with his buddy, Jake, who he's known since they were babies. Jake's parents are British ex-pats who, like many ex-pats, are often more energetic about exploring their new country with their kids than native families like mine. Jake loves airplanes—Adam likes airplanes, but [more]

What Parents Need To Know!

By New York Family

At A Conference For Parents At 92Y, The Featured Experts Tell It Like It Is — And Our Editor Relishes It All

EM blog On Monday, I enjoyed a series of wonderfully insightful parenting experts do something they’re really not supposed to do: tell a large roomful of parents what they really think.  Sponsored and hosted by 92Y, the event was teasingly titled “What Do Parents Really Need To Know?” And you know what? I heard so many wise words for parents with kids [more]

Think Small

By New York Family

Professional goal-setting doesn’t have to be all or nothing—incremental changes can yield great rewards

RT_JenniferLee-myobmoms-134_landscape-460x250-300x163 As news of the economy brightening has been making headlines, career goals may be on your to-do list this year. Here’s a tip I’ve learned from my most successful clients: start small. Instead of setting your sights on your ultimate goal (getting a job, for example), reach for the low hanging fruit. Here are two very achievable career-related resolutions that [more]

Book Review: Back to Work She Goes

By Barri Waltcher

Sometimes fiction is better than reality

RT_JenniferLee-myobmoms-134_landscape-460x250-300x163 Lorraine Duffy Merkl’s Back to Work She Goes is a little like Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise: a fictionalized version of life that entertains precisely because it is aspirational. The novel tells the story of Manhattan stay-at-home mom Lorelei Martin who walked away from a promising career in advertising to raise her two now-teenaged children. When the novel begins, Lorelei has [more]

Lowering The Pressure

By Eric Messinger

A Dinner Convresation With His 13-year-old Daughter Take An Unexpectedly Welcome Turn From Grades To Drugs

EM blog When my children were younger, my wife used to have these “magic mommy kisses” that would speed away their pains from a fall. At ages 13 and 9, my children no longer look for mom’s special-formula kisses to come to the rescue (nor my second-string dad kisses), but they still need us, of course, and we still like coming to [more]

Battling The Winter Blues With Help From The School Counselor

By Dianne Drew

A Local Educator Weighs In On The Value Of A School Counselor

imgres As a Head of School, I know that this time of year is the most difficult hump in the academic calendar for students. I often tell my school community (teachers, parents, and students) that February is like being at the crest of a very large hill on a roller coaster. If you can get through the long, slow ascent of [more]