Interview With Bestselling Author Bruce Feiler On Fostering Family Happiness

By Nick Bell

A prominent writer on family issues suggests creative team-building and problem-solving methods for parents in his new book, “The Secrets of Happy Families.”

SecretsofHappy hc c As first-time parents, author Bruce Feiler and his wife Linda found themselves completely overwhelmed with the notion of raising twin girls while trying to build and develop a family identity. Searching for answers from friends and family proved fruitless; their parents were working with dated methods and their friends were equally clueless.  Met with the same tiresome answers from the [more]

A Neighbor’s Gift

By Eric Messinger

Our editor discovered the Sesame Street gang in the most unlikely place

door1 Some neighbors on my floor, a retired couple (she’s a teacher, he’s a geologist), have created a menagerie of miniature Sesame Street plush dolls on the bottom half of their front door. They went so far as to buy little Elmo, mini Grover, and all the others in the gang, open up their backs, embed magnets, and restitch them--so the [more]

March Issue Editor’s Note

By Eric Messinger

New York Family’s Eric Messinger on politics and parenting.

em I voted for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand last November, but only after reading our cover interview with her do I feel like I have a real sense of her, both as a person and politician. It didn’t surprise me to discover that she is impressive, but I was surprised by what impressed me. Her high standards and high hopes—things that presumably [more]

When School Calls

By Marinka

Ruminations from the harried but always humorous “Motherhood in NYC” blogger.

JustinWinslow_WhenSchoolCalls Let me just tell you this right now to save you the suspense: When you get a call from your kid’s school, it’s never good news. It’s never “the principal and the director were just talking about how you’re the best mom in the whole school and we were wondering if you would mind [more]

Game Changer

By Lorraine Duffy Merkl

As her teenage son begins making his own decisions, one NYC mom has to find a way to let him take the lead.

1155890_baseball_and_glove_over_white “I’m not going out for the team,” said my then-16-year-old son, Luke, when I asked the dates of his school’s baseball tryouts. Apparently they had already come and gone. Gauging from my gasp alone, you’d think he was a major league player walking away from a multimillion-dollar contract. A teenager retiring his bat and glove really isn’t that big a deal [more]

6 Ways To Improve Your Resume!

By Barri Waltcher

Our career blogger, Barri Waltcher, outlines some advice for making a strong first impression with your CV.

resume When it comes to careers, your resume is like a pick-up line poised to either attract or deter by a prospective employer. An effective resume makes a strong first impression by highlighting your strengths and featuring the most important information clearly. That can be accomplished through the structure of your resume, as well as the information you supply. For parents [more]