Five Things My Family Learned From Teen Celebs In 2012

By Lorraine Duffy Merkl

As teen idols become behavior-challenged adults, one Manhattan mom tries to make sense of their activities to her teen daughter.

IMG_0702 “Gossip Girl” has come to an end just as my 15-year-old daughter Meg’s life as an NYC high school student has begun—and I’m glad. Although during the run of the show she knew who all the starlets were, who they were dating, and what they were wearing, Meg never became obsessed with the saga. I’m pretty sure she won’t be seeking [more]

Smart Volunteering For Parents Looking To Stay In The Career Game

By Barri Waltcher

How to make volunteer work for others pay off for you and your resume.

shutterstock_67084285 I recently was amused to learn that the word “volunteer” comes from a French word that means “one who offers himself for military service.” A lot of parents, especially those who stay at home, feel like that’s an accurate description of the volunteer work they’re asked to do at their children’s schools or other local organizations. Eager to help and offer [more]

Three Family-Focused Resolutions For 2013

By Gabriella Rowe

With the New Year upon us, parenting blogger Gabriella Rowe recommends a few goals and resolutions for a prosperous and meaningful year.

timthumb.php_ While the distance between December 31st and January 1st is no greater than 60 seconds, the psychological space that the New Year provides allows for new thinking, fresh starts, and goal setting. While the traditional New Year’s promises to take off a few pounds or save more money have made the entire idea of resolutions almost trivial, let’s not fail [more]

What Did You Say?!

By Eric Messinger

To our editor’s son, everything is sexy. Just not girls.

Sexy is the new poop. My 8-year-old son and his male compadres can’t say “sexy” enough without cracking themselves up at the naughty absurdity of it all. “Pass the ball you sexy, crazy lady,” Adam yelled at his friend Ben, during some pick-up basketball in the schoolyard yesterday. “Who wants to watch Victoria’s Secret on YouTube?” he announced later, referring [more]

Who Is A.J. Jenkins?

By Eric Messinger

An elusive singer-songwriter who is winning the hearts and minds of millions of children (and parents).

jenkins I was out to dinner the other night with a friend who is new to parenting (six months in), who asked me (the parenting editor) if I was a fan of A.J. Jenkins. Embarrassingly, I couldn’t say because I had never heard of him. Have you? If not, it’s time to discover his work, especially if you have an infant or [more]

5 Ways Families Can Bond And Self-Reflect Before 2013

By Gabriella Rowe

With the New Year on the horizon, new blogger Gabriella Rowe recommends parents and children set aside time and space to slow down and engage in the moment.

1385312_ten-fifty-four We live in a fast-paced city and everyday is packed with non-stop activities--even for children. Across NYC, children are constantly rushing to soccer practice, piano lessons, exam tutoring, swim lessons, birthday parties, school performances, family visits, play dates, and more. While these myriad activities are aimed at enhancing children’s growth and making them well-rounded individuals, we must ensure that our [more]