Ten Great Books For Ages 4 & Up

By New York Family

Jay Bushara of onepotato.net gives a peek at some cool children’s books.

ROBOMOP1 A trusted and truly insightful dad blogger, Jay Bushara of onepotato.net has given us a peek at some of his favorite children's books to recently hit shelves. [more]

Why NYC Moms Should Think More About Leaning In

By Barri Waltcher

Our parenting and career blogger Barri Waltcher thinks Sheryl Sandberg’s new book is less of an essential read than an imperative movement.

lean-in About a third of the way into Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, I registered a sense of disappointment. Sandberg’s book is far less interesting than the larger debate surrounding the book’s ideas about women in the workforce. By stepping forward as the putative head of a new women’s movement, Sandberg has provoked [more]

A Car Ride With My Daughter And Her Camp Friend Survives The Presence Of My 9-Year-Old Son

By Eric Messinger

Our editor has reason to believe that his son is maturing and might be ready for camp this summer.

em4 Saturday morning. The plan was for me to drive my 12-year-old daughter and a camp friend—a boy named Taylor—to a bat mitzvah in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where they would spend the night at the bat mitzvah girl’s house along with other camp friends. The problem was that my 9-year-old son needed to come along because I had errands to run with [more]

A Happy Discovery

By Eric Messinger

A blog on postpartum depression is anything but.

Postpartum Progress Founder Katherine Stone A local blogger whose work I like a lot, Marinka, recently wrote a post called “She Knows Now It Was Postpartum Depression,” in which she recounts the periods after the birth of her children, in which she was at times so deeply sad her thinking bordered on delusional. At one point, in [more]

A Hilarious Debate Of Childhood Versus Adulthood

By Alina Larson

Local mom Alina Larson attends Uptown Showdown at Symphony Space—and has more than a few laughs.

symphony-space Living just blocks away from Symphony Space on the Upper West Side, I’m familiar with the cultural venue as a place for rocking out to the latest kiddie bands, celebrating literature, and catching quality documentaries a mere month or so after their initial release. So I was shocked to see expletive-laden captions on projected images of kids covered in peanut butter [more]

Teaching My Son About Inappropriate Touching

By Eric Messinger

After the incident in Steubenville, our editor wants his nine-year-old son to know that something as seemingly harmless as touching his sister’s behind is unacceptable.

em3 My nine-year-old son grabbed his 12-year-old sister’s butt this morning. I didn’t see it, but she was pissed off and he wasn’t denying it. They specialize in annoying each other, of course, and that seemed to be the intent of the incident. I interceded right away on this one, and maybe with a little more sternness than I normally would [more]