Five Reasons Why I’m Pro ‘Pro Bono’

By Lorraine Duffy Merkl

One NYC mom argues that volunteer work should be as valued as jobs that pay.

volunteering I just quit my job. “Who would do such a thing in this economy?” I can already hear someone out there saying. I suffer from no loss of income, as my position was voluntary. “Oh,” I can now imagine someone else groaning, “it wasn’t a real job.” That wouldn’t be the first time I’ve experienced such offensiveness. I work as a freelance journalist and [more]

New York Family Bloggers Resolve To Be Better Parents!

By New York Family

Our parenting bloggers weigh in on their New Year’s resolutions, and how they’re doing so far.

1164198_hand_in_hand_1 Now that we're a few weeks into 2013, we checked in with some of our local parenting bloggers to ask what their parenting resolutions are and how they're doing. Here's what they had to say: TO BE MORE PRESENT: “Sometimes I feel like I rush through the little moments of my toddler's day: taking him out of his crib in the [more]

Tips And Tricks For Saving On Summer Camp

By Hillary Chura

Our bargain blogger, Hillary Chura, has some advice for how to give your child a summer to remember, without breaking the bank.

864968_canoeing Editor's Note: We're hosting two Camp Fairs this weekend! Check out our Saturday camp fair on the Upper East Side and our Sunday camp fair on the Upper West Side. Summer camp is right around the corner. For those new to local camp culture, the idea of spending upwards of $500 a week per child is a tough pill to swallow. [more]

Editor’s Note: Boy’s Night Out

By Eric Messinger

Our editor takes his eight-year-old son to a sports bar and reengages an epic parental battle from his past.

In my experience, nothing legitimate stuffs your inbox as rapidly as a parent email chain run amok. When a controversial issue sets off a few parents whose comments set off a few more parents, and on and on—before you know it, you’ve received 68 emails and are under the brief delusion that if you weighed in, your fair and wise [more]

Saying Goodbye After Eight Years

By Tali Rosenblatt-Cohen

A local mom bids farewell to her family’s longtime babysitter, and to one chapter of early motherhood.

images Last night, we said goodbye to our babysitter of nearly eight years. It was a day that was a long time coming, and although my three-year-old didn’t quite understand the connection between his currently going to school every day and Cecilia leaving, we all were prepared in our own way for the inevitable. I first met Cecilia on a snowy, slushy [more]

No Mexican, No Peace

By Eric Messinger

How our editor’s son got his calm back after a family meal meltdown.

Last Friday night: Adam wants Mexican food. Elena wants Japanese food. An epic sibling meltdown ensues. What will bring it to an end? Patience? Soothing words? Generosity? Compromise? An epic parental meltdown? All of the above? Something I haven’t mentioned yet? Place your bets. When a Friday dinner goes awry it carries an especially deflating sting for me and my wife. [more]