Rite Of Passage: Ear Piercing

By Karen Haberberg

One local mom–and photographer–takes her daughter to get her ears pierced and documents the experience with touching photos and a personal reflection

4 One of my first memories is that of getting my ears pierced. I must have been 4 or 5. I remember the stinging needles pierce my ears, the burning astringent, and finally the excitement of these new pieces of jewelry: My very own pair of tiny heart earrings. It was a milestone. I was finally a big girl. Now, I’m the mother [more]

Birthday Wishes

By Eric Messinger

As His Son Turns 10, Our Editor Wonders About His New-found Generosity

EM blog My youngest child, my son Adam, turned 10 on Tuesday. He’s such a sly guy; I think he invoked the “But It’s My Birthday” Rule to get me to accede to ten separate requests that I otherwise might have resisted. But a very interesting and encouraging moment arose when it came time to choose a dessert stop after dinner at Chipotle, [more]

The Smitten Husband

By Eric Messinger

For his wife’s birthday this year, our editor decides to say “I love you” with a kebob

EM blog Today is my wife’s birthday. It happens to coincide with a time when I’ve been thinking a bit about my experiences and expectations of our marriage, now in its 16th year. My parents had an awful marriage from the start, culminating in a scorched-off divorce when I was 8. So why have I been so lucky in love—to find myself [more]

Grading Yourself

By Eric Messinger

Our Editor Considers How To Advise His Daughter About The Challenges Of An Elite Education

EM blog For years now friends of mine with children older than my own have been telling me, with considerable dismay, how much more demanding high school is than when I went to my neighborhood public school in Brooklyn. Couple that with my readings of psychologist Dr. Madeline Levine, who writes knowledgeably about disaffected older kids and how got that way, and [more]

Don’t Dread The Parent-Teacher Conference!

By Dianne Drew

A local educator discusses how to get the most out of a parent-teacher conference

DianneDrew It's that time of year again when schools are requesting parents to attend the parent-teacher conference. An important component of the school calendar, this conference aims to further the ongoing home-school communication link. It's an opportunity for parents to learn about their children’s progress and for teachers to gain insight into their students’ home and community lives. These conferences come in [more]

The Complications

By Eric Messinger

A note for March 2014 from our editor Eric Messinger

Ready to pop: on set with Daphne Oz. Photo by Lindsay May for Classic Kids Photography Ready to pop: on set with Daphne Oz. Photo by Lindsay May for Classic Kids Photography. On Daphne Oz: Nanette Lepore On My Mind dress in Amethyst; Sam Edleman heels; Masonharlie hexagon bangle. Sam Edelman In a recent New York Times profile, the writer Lorrie Moore, whose new collection of short stories, Bark, came out last month, talked [more]