Proof of Fatherhood

By Eric Messinger

A note for June/July 2014 from our editor Eric Messinger

EditorsNote Taking a snack break with Jim Gaffigan and his kiddos Following this issue’s cover shoot with Jim Gaffigan, our associate editor Mia Weber tweeted out an informal behind-the-scenes photo she took on her iPhone of him pointing a toy bubble gun at two of his adorable children, showering them with an explosion of iridescent bubbles. This was [more]

Like Sharing Candy With A Wolf Pack

By Eric Messinger

Our editor uses lessons from a Wharton Business professor to teach his son about self-respect, generosity, and more

EM blog On the way to school this morning. Adam: I think I’m too soft. Me: Why do you think that? My first thought is that this is a conversation about weight. To my surprise, it was about generosity, selfhood, and the kind of person you want to be in the world. A bit tearfully, Adam, now 10, explained that yesterday in the park after school [more]

End-of-Year Tips Amongst The Pomp And Ceremony

By Dianne Drew

A local educator reflects on the school year’s close

DianneDrew Collectively as a school community, students, parents, and teachers are racing toward the end of the academic year. With only a few weeks left, schools go into hyper-drive with final assessments, reports, recitals, dances, and, of course, greatly anticipated graduation ceremonies. In the rush to finalize summer plans, it is often easy to forget that these last few weeks are [more]

The Nuclear Option

By Eric Messinger

When our editor banned his 10-year-old son from using electronics for the day, they indulged in a very different kind of treat

Photo 1 Photo 1 On Saturday, I invoked the “nuclear option.” Fed up with my 10-year-old son's consistently rude behavior, and his knee-jerk instinct to fill up any free time with “electronics,” I banned him from watching TV, playing video games, and surfing the web for the day (with the specter of a much longer ban if things didn’t [more]

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week: May 5-9

By Dianne Drew

Say thank you to the teachers in your life

dianne “Those who can, DO; those who CAN’T, teach.” I first heard this condescending quote when I was studying to become a teacher in the early ’90s. It was so deeply hurtful to a young educationalist in training that I retaliated in frustration by saying, “Those who can do, do so because of those who dedicated their lives to teach them.” [more]


By verta ayanna

When Her Young Daughter Starts To Doubt Her Hair (And Herself) The Author Made A Bold Beauty Statement Of Her Own

EPSON MFP image “Mommy! My friend said my hair is not soft. Mommy! My friend said my hair is not straight. Mommy! My friend said my hair is puffy.” My heart unraveled into a thousand fragile strands that day as my daughter told me what her friend had said. She was hurt. Not solely because of what her friend said but more precisely how she said [more]