Is Test Prep Getting The Best Of Our Kids?

By Eric Messinger

Our editor witnesses a cathartic scene at his son’s school drop-off.

em I kid you not. Before line-up this morning, one of the girls in my son's third grade class put her official "Test Prep" folder on the ground, and then she and her and friends took turns stomping on it, each with a different style. It was kind of like they were taking turns jumping into the middle a Double Dutch [more]

Sports In Our Schools

By Gabriella Rowe

A local education expert discusses how an investment in sports can be an investment in education.

877668_sport_balls_4 Most people would agree that athletics and organized sports can be a vital part of a well-rounded education for our children. But while we accept this theory almost as gospel, we do very little to put it into practice. Besides the obvious health benefits of physical activity, there are untold numbers of social, educational, and developmental lessons to be learned [more]

The Art Of Eating An Oreo As A Kid

By DJ Duckworth

A local mom reflects on her Oreo-eating childhood, and how she’s instilling some healthier habits in her own son.

oreo As a kid, I relished Saturday mornings. I grew up in a small town in Arkansas—a sleepy place on the weekends where not much was going on except children playing in the yards and everyone getting ready to go to church on Sunday. I would wake up well before my exhausted parents who just wanted to sleep in and not [more]

Talking To Kids About Inexplicable Violence

By Tali Rosenblatt-Cohen

A local mom realizes that she’ll have to start having some difficult conversations with her three young children.

1315423_usa About a year ago, I began writing for New York Family magazine and was talking to editor Eric Messinger about possible parenting topics to explore. We somehow got on the topic of 9/11 and I mentioned that my husband and I hadn’t yet fully discussed the events of that day with our children, the oldest of whom was 7. Eric [more]

The College Admissions Process At “Not So Crazy U”

By Lorraine Duffy Merkl

After watching Tina Fey’s new film, “Admission,” one NYC mom feels saner about her own son’s college application journey.

Admission_movie_poster I never ran after an enrollment officer using a Bundt cake as a bribe. Nor did I ever make a moving plea in front of a college’s admittance panel on behalf of my son. But Luke got in anyway. (Not to brag, but I will: Luke got into a top engineering school, as well as several liberal arts colleges that [more]

The Worst Sport For A Child

By Eric Messinger

Our editor finds that as long as his son commits to an extracurricular activity, he’s on board as well–if only for the community of parents he gets to join.

em1 I’ve had debates with other parents over which sport is the worst one for a child to devote themselves to--the worst, that is, being an inconvenience to the parent. Hockey Parents make a great case, with all that travel to cold towns in New Hampshire. As a former Swim Parent, I know how humid it gets in those crowded stands, [more]