Wishing You & Yours A Good Divorce

By Eric Messinger

For Our Editor, All This Divorce Talk Brings Back Memories

EM blog Not regularly, but at least a few times a year, I learn of parents I know getting divorced.  It happened the other day on Facebook when an old acquaintance told me the news of her and her husband separating. Whether they’re people I know really well, or as acquaintances, the news always seems to hit me like a seizure to [more]

Home & Away

By Eric Messinger

Joined By Two Friends From High School, Our Editor Revisits The Old Neighborhood

EM-blog-170x170 The next time your in the mood for a wide-ranging philosophical conversation with two of your oldest and best friends about how one’s roots shape the person you are, I know just the right location: the original Nathan's in Coney Island. Okay, so maybe this particular choice of location makes a little more sense for me, but I’m hoping there’s something [more]

Wheels Up, Manaus!

By Richard Burns

An NYC Father And Son Travel To The Amazon For The World Cup And A Family Adventure Of A Lifetime

wc4 I remember the excitement in the New York Family offices when the box arrived from Rio de Janeiro. As we opened the lid, a little samba music played and inside was a Brazuca -- the name that was given the official match ball for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It was inevitable that I'd want to go with my teenage [more]

With Unironic Pride

By Eric Messinger

Our Editor’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Writes The Most Awesome Letter

tfios A few weeks ago, the novelist and vlogger John Green tweeted that "CBS Sunday Morning" was doing a feature on him (timed to the opening of the movie adaptation of his popular novel The Fault In Our Stars ) and they wanted to interview some fans. My 14-year-old daughter, Elena, responded with a thoughtful and impassioned letter, and let's [more]

Because Of A Good Book

By Eric Messinger

Our editor and his son attend their first father-son book club…in a park

EM blog Sunday, late afternoon into twilight, balmy and beautiful. Adam and I joined in with a group of dads and sons to commandeer a few park benches at our local playground, share some eats, and do the most unlikely thing for that setting and time. Care to guess? We held a book club session to discuss a dandy children’s book called Because [more]

Proof of Fatherhood

By Eric Messinger

A note for June/July 2014 from our editor Eric Messinger

EditorsNote Taking a snack break with Jim Gaffigan and his kiddos Following this issue’s cover shoot with Jim Gaffigan, our associate editor Mia Weber tweeted out an informal behind-the-scenes photo she took on her iPhone of him pointing a toy bubble gun at two of his adorable children, showering them with an explosion of iridescent bubbles. This was [more]