Ghosts Of Parenting Past

By Lani Serota

Our blogger–a local mom of 2–reflects on the different lessons she’s learned from different phases of parenting

lani featured image Living in crowded Manhattan, we jostle and bump in to one another all the time and so do we Manhattan parents jostle and bump in to versions of our past selves at the playground, on the sidewalk, the school steps, in diners… On an usually low-key, unscheduled, brisk October day, I took my two girls up to a neighborhood park we [more]

Have You And Mom Ever Considered This?

By Eric Messinger

Our Editor Receives A Letter From Camp With The Most Surprising Suggestion.

EM blog Until recently, my favorite camp letter story of this summer was from a friend who received this streamlined missive: “Dear Dad, This is a compulsory note. Love Max.” But the other day, my daughter, Elena, now 14, sent home a letter from camp with the most surprising suggestion for my wife and I. Clearly in a chatty mood, she told [more]

Wishing You & Yours A Good Divorce

By Eric Messinger

For Our Editor, All This Divorce Talk Brings Back Memories

EM blog Not regularly, but at least a few times a year, I learn of parents I know getting divorced.  It happened the other day on Facebook when an old acquaintance told me the news of her and her husband separating. Whether they’re people I know really well, or as acquaintances, the news always seems to hit me like a seizure to [more]

Home & Away

By Eric Messinger

Joined By Two Friends From High School, Our Editor Revisits The Old Neighborhood

EM-blog-170x170 The next time your in the mood for a wide-ranging philosophical conversation with two of your oldest and best friends about how one’s roots shape the person you are, I know just the right location: the original Nathan's in Coney Island. Okay, so maybe this particular choice of location makes a little more sense for me, but I’m hoping there’s something [more]

Wheels Up, Manaus!

By Richard Burns

An NYC Father And Son Travel To The Amazon For The World Cup And A Family Adventure Of A Lifetime

wc4 I remember the excitement in the New York Family offices when the box arrived from Rio de Janeiro. As we opened the lid, a little samba music played and inside was a Brazuca -- the name that was given the official match ball for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It was inevitable that I'd want to go with my teenage [more]

With Unironic Pride

By Eric Messinger

Our Editor’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Writes The Most Awesome Letter

tfios A few weeks ago, the novelist and vlogger John Green tweeted that "CBS Sunday Morning" was doing a feature on him (timed to the opening of the movie adaptation of his popular novel The Fault In Our Stars ) and they wanted to interview some fans. My 14-year-old daughter, Elena, responded with a thoughtful and impassioned letter, and let's [more]