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Fit For A Prince

By amy goodman

Zulily’s lifestyle editor shows how your baby can get the Prince George Look without the royal price tag

zulily3 Prince George is the newest fashion icon and much like his dear mum, Princess Kate, has triggered overnight sell-outs but this time it’s cute rompers, cozy sweaters and more. Amy E. Goodman--the zulily lifestyle editor, with lots of expertise on dressing everyone from babies to mommies--has some great tips below on how to get the royal baby’s look (for a [more]

Giveaway: BOB & Britax Strollers

By New York Family

With our friends at Birth Day Presence, we’re giving away one of two hot new strollers to two lucky winners!

2 strollers With our friends at Birth Day Presence, we're giving away one of two different hot new strollers to two lucky winners! One winner will recieve a BOB Revolution Pro stroller and one winner will receive a Britax Affinity stroller! Both strollers are new to the market and among the best in the industry. BOB Revolution Pro The BOB [more]

Great Gear The Grows With Your Baby

By Julie McCaffrey

Save time, space, and money with 5 top baby products that grow with your child

grow2 Let’s face it--outfitting your home with the right baby gear for your family and getting it all organized is no easy or inexpensive feat. Then it can seem you have barely used a piece of gear when your baby has suddenly outgrown it. Manufacturers have definitely started to hear parents’ frustrations and there are now some great products on the [more]

Wendy Bellissimo Introduces A New Maternity Collection For Destination Maternity

By Jodi Silberstein

A successful designer–and mom of four–gets ready to launch a chic new line for expectant mamas

,kweiomk There have been many phases in the career of designer Wendy Bellissimo, all of which have been extremely successful. This latest phase is no exception. Bellissimo says that raising her four daughters is what inspires many of her collections, which include children's clothing and accessories, as well as home and nursery furniture and decor. It is no surprise then that [more]

New Spring, New You

By Amity Spiegel

Five ways for busy moms to freshen up this spring, from new makeup to a new outlook.

1165841_78373180 We all want to lose our last 15 pounds of baby weight, dress like a fashionista, and have an organized home. But how many of us have the time and energy to make these things happen? Personally, a typical day for me entails scarfing down my kid’s leftover chick-a-saurus nuggets before getting my daily exercise in the form of a [more]

“Parentology” Author Dalton Conley Talks Unique Names, Modern Parenting, And More

By Emily Murphy

We caught up with the author of one of the hottest parenting books on the market right now–a read that he hopes will leave parents feeling more “relaxed”

parentology For every fact you think you know about good parenting, there are dozens of scientific studies to prove the opposite. When one report tells us that video games desensitize kids to violence, another insists they help develop problem-solving skills. With all the noise, instinct tells us to find the one “correct” way to parent. Dalton Conley, a university professor at [more]