• Bloggers We Love

    A tribute to ten local bloggers with a special mix of voice, vision, and love of family

    By Whitney C. Harris

    Editor’s Note:  For a while now, we’ve wanted to celebrate the contribution that bloggers make to family life, but we weren’t quite sure how to do it. We didn’t want to create some version of a top ten list that ranks them against each other in a silly way or, really, in any way. We just wanted to share our thoughts on what’s so appealing and special about them. Hence “Bloggers We Love,” a concept we look forward to doing every year. Criteria? If I had to distill it, I’d say that we love their sensibility, passion, and commitment to their community of readers. Naturally, we looked for people who live locally and in one way or another make family life an important part of their blog. We also wanted to showcase a group whose interests are as varied as those of our readers, who are mostly city parents. In two cases, we opted to include websites that really don’t qualify as a singular blog, but either have a chorus of great individual voices (like Food52) or a singular sensibility that reflects the taste of a special editor (like Apartment Therapy). Our entire editorial team weighed in throughout the selection process, but our former executive editor, Whitney C. Harris, led the charge, doing much of the research and writing. The choices are New York Family’s; the nuance is hers; and the pleasure of discovery is yours.

    Enjoy!  –Eric Messinger

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