May 30, 2012

Best Of The Web: May 30-June 5

Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

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Contributors: Meghan
Gearino, Sarah Greene, Elizabeth Raymond

Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
our interest. Enjoy! —

More on the debate over extended breastfeeding. Since it’s normal in most other primates and human societies, why do Americans consider weaning at three years old just plain weird? (Scientific American)

Many college kids consider summer the perfect time to pad their resumes with internships and office experience. Others prefer working as camp counselors, for the obvious reasons. One dad reflects on what this means for his daughter’s future career prospects. (NYTimes)

After a recent arrest on the murder charge of Etan Patz, the first child whose
face appeared as “missing” on a milk carton 33 years ago, Lisa Belkin reflects
on the
current climate of child safety
. (Huffington Post)

Are you smarter than a second grader? Probably not when it
comes to spelling. Read all about the youngest
in the National Spelling Bee. (CNN)

Never one to hold her tongue, Jessica Simpson’s 10 craziest
pregnancy quotes are right here
. (People)

Plus, the pictures
are finally here! Baby
Maxwell Drew’s first photo shoot. (Just Jared)

An honors student with two part-time jobs gets jail
time for missing too much school
in order to support her siblings. Tough
love, or too harsh of a punishment? (Los Angeles Times)

Do as others do. Recent studies have found that kids are
more physically active if their
friends are as well
. (WebMD)

Stock up on some great (and healthy!) summer
from Michelle Obama’s new gardening and cookbook, American Grown. (YumSugar)

What better way to get your little ones
involved in current events than this contest by the NY Times?! Kids Draw the News
lets you submit your child’s local news-related artwork for publication on the paper’s website. (NYTimes)

The Biggest Loser‘s Jillian Michaels opens up about her reasons for adopting and how she’s finding her stride as a new mother–the best part of which is perhaps her admission to being too hard on mothers before she became one herself. (Huffington Post)

This June, spend some quality time with your kids while also
getting a head start on your summer reading. Here
are two awesome books
that you and your older kids can enjoy and discuss,
together! (NYTimes)

delicious frozen treats
are the perfect summer snack. Making them will be
as much fun as munching on them later! (MommiesWithStyle)

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