• Best Of The Web: May 16-22

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    Contributors: Meghan
    Gearino, Elizabeth Raymond and Tali Rosenblatt Cohen

    Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
    our interest. Enjoy! —

    In the wake of Mother’s Day, one essayist explains why she
    thinks dads
    may be the new moms
    . (The Wall Street

    Check out how all your favorite celeb mommies spent
    their Mother’s Day
    . It may not be as glamorous as you’d expect! (PopSugar)

    Craving a little more mommy-lovin’ after Sunday? Check out this
    slideshow of the top
    20 TV moms of all time
    ! (Entertainment

    Take heart! Extreme breastfeeder and participant in the TIME
    magazine story hopes we can all respect
    each other’s parenting choices
    . (The Huffington Post)

    Inspired by the TIME cover, check out this article and learn
    about the thought-provoking
    history of breastfeeding in photography
    . (The New Yorker)

    One reason
    to wean
    toddlers from their bottles and pacis—stat. A study published in Pediatrics shows that a
    toddler falling with a bottle or binkie in her mouth increases the risk of
    injury. (CNN)

    To combat crushing college debt and the sagging economy, many
    parents are helping
    their graduates find a job. (USA Today)

    Straight out of a horror movie, this
    college student
    contracted a super-rare flesh-eating disease while
    zip-lining–even though doctors had already treated and cleaned her wound. (ABC News)

    Summertime means fun (and yummy) summer food. Not all seemingly
    harmless food are, in fact, harmless though. Check out this
    list of summer foods to watch
    – and what to substitute instead for your
    family. (SHAPE)

    A new study shows that a shocking 14% of American mothers blog
    about parenting – or turn to such blogs for advice. What’s behind the
    rise of mommy blogging
    ? (Mashable)

    A happily married couple that doesn’t
    want children
    can’t seem to escape the unbelieving judgment of strangers. But
    they remain content in their marriage, friendships, and life—isn’t that enough?

    Siblings can be cruel! Watch as these sibs subject their
    toddler brother to a
    rude awakening
    . (Gawker)