March 6, 2012

Best Of The Web: March 7-13

Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

By Whitney Casser

Contributors: Meghan

Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
our interest. Enjoy! —

If you didn’t catch Lindsay Lohan hosting Saturday Night
Live this past weekend, you might want to watch this hilarious highlight: The
Real Housewives of Disney
. (iVillage)

When is a goody bag not
a goody bag
? Parents seem to disagree on what makes an appropriate party
favor, while reflecting on how times have changed. (New York Times)

The health benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and
baby are well documented. Here’s the latest on why breast is best for mom, baby
and the nation. (TIME)

With recent cases of bullying and school shootings cropping
up in the past few weeks, one blogger and sociologist says it’s time to change schools from cultures of
misery to cultures of caring
. (CNN)

With Super Tuesday behind us, chances are you’re thinking
about how to talk to your kids about the election—and politics more generally.
Here’s a video on featuring
the reactions of four generations
. (iVillage)

Rush Limbaugh’s latest offense comes under the scrutiny of Mocha Mommy–a proud slutty role model! (Babble)

The airlines aren’t just bickering with Alec Baldwin anymore!
what happened
when new mom Amy Strand tried to bring her breast pump on
board. (Huffington Post)

The world’s most famous family is building their own eco-friendly
theme park
. See why Angelina and Brad have decided to construct a private
destination on their French chateau. (Perezitos)

He speaks for the trees! The beloved environmentally-conscious
(and family-friendly) story of The
had its movie premiere and debuted at #1 in the box office this
weekend, marking it the biggest opening of 2012 so far! (USA Today)

This past weekend witnessed a horrible tornado outbreak in
the Midwest. One act of bravery from this
Indiana mother
is worth checking out! (MSNBC)

Looking to cut back on sugar? Here are some helpful tips
on reducing your intake of sweets
. (Dr.

It’s becoming more common for parents-to-be to build a
bucket list before baby. Here are 10
ideas for what to include on yours
. (Babble)

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