• Best Of The Web: March 28-April 3

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    Contributors: Meghan
    Gearino and Elizabeth Raymond

    Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
    our interest. Enjoy! —

    At The
    New American Academy in Brooklyn
    , 60 students and four teachers work in
    one, big open room, acting as a large ensemble while helping one another and
    learning from one another. Will this education model work, or will it crash and
    burn? (New York Times)

    Chances are you saw “The
    Hunger Games
    ” this weekend and contributed to its astonishing success. This
    weekend alone, it grossed $155 million and was the third-best movie debut in
    American history! (CNN)

    Dara-Lynn Weiss’ Vogue
    article on her 7-year-old
    daughter’s weight issues
    has tempers flared. Now, she has a book deal to
    delve further into her story. Will it explain her awful approach to child
    obesity? (The Huffington Post)

    With celebrity moms like Mad
    ’s January Jones being increasingly vocal about the benefits of placenta
    capsulation, check out this blogger-mommy’s
    on this controversial maternal trend. (New York Times)

    Love snacking on popcorn? Good news – studies
    are now finding
    that along with being a great source of fiber, popcorn is
    chock-full of healthy antioxidants. Pop away! (CBS

    While SIDS rates have certainly stabilized in recent years,
    there are still 2,500 SIDS-related deaths a year. Here are some great safe-sleeping
    for your infant (WebMD)

    How is it possible that Jessica Simpson is STILL pregnant?
    Check out the pics
    from her celebrity-filled baby shower. (Popsugar)

    Will the iPad replace old-fashioned books in your house when
    it comes to reading bedtime stories? Read what one dad has to say on the topic. (WIRED)

    Check these girls out! After learning that the daughter of
    their favorite teacher couldn’t afford a therapy dog, these fourth graders
    start their own business to raise
    the money themselves
    . (WQAD.com)

    If you’ve ever tried to sit
    through a Church mass with your little one
    , you are bound to relate to this
    lovely writer/mom/teacher. (The
    Huffington Post

    A 5-minute video chat on unsolicited advice from mothers-in-law.
    Anne Lamott and Kelly Corrigan tell it like it is. (YouTube)