• Best Of The Web: July 27-August 2

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    Melanie Dostis, Kelly Farrell, Gavriella Mahpour and Elora Tocci

    Here’s our
    weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued our interest. Enjoy! —

    say that seven
    out of ten kids ages 10 to 14 have their own cell phones
    . Do your kids? When
    is the right age to give your child a cell phone? Not many people are in
    agreement. (MSNBC)

    next year, McDonald’s will include apple
    in every Happy Meal. This health conscious effort on the part of the
    fast food chain is in response to customer demands! (USA Today)

    In an
    effort to encourage summer reading, the New York Public Library is pardoning
    late fees for over 140,000 city kids
    . Looking for more great ideas on how
    to foster continuing literacy? Check out these great
    summer reading programs
    that will inspire a love for books. (Daily News)

    your kids street safety is no easy feat and some parents are up to more of a
    challenge than others. Researchers created a virtual reality simulation and
    found that children
    with ADHD face greater pedestrian risks
    . (CNN)

    This op-ed
    considers teens
    and sex
    . Does our culture of essentially “don’t ask, don’t tell” lead to
    irresponsible behavior? And would normalizing teen sex remedy the problem? (NYTimes)

    Watch out
    Facebook! There’s another social
    networking site
    that’s determined to dominate the scene. In 2005, a 15 year
    old teen started myYearbook.com and just recently sold it for 100 million
    dollars. (ABC News)

    Perhaps the
    mother of the year
    : a Connecticut woman had her 4-year-old boy drink
    a 40-ounce bottle of beer and her 10-month-old daughter was also given beer in
    addition to cocaine. She is being charged with two counts of risk of injury to
    a child and two counts of second-degree assault. (Connecticut Post)

    are more vulnerable to lung damage from traffic pollution if they live in a
    high-stress house, according to a new
    . Kids appear to be more susceptible to pollution if their
    parents are feeling stressed. (Reuters)

    the heat wave has finally broken, the weekend promises temperatures in the 90s.
    Stay safe and cool with TIME magazine’s 7
    best ways to beat the heat.

    The New York Times reveals a bleak
    look at school choice
    . The current educational environment pushes schools
    to compete for the best students, leaving many behind to attend the worst
    institutions. (NYTimes)

    A new poll
    has found that Americans are increasingly showing support for abortion rights.
    Currently, more than one-fourth of those polled support a woman’s
    right to choose
    . (HealthDay News)