January 17, 2012

Best Of The Web: January 18-24

Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

By Whitney Casser

Contributors: Sharon
Beesley, Elizabeth Raymond

Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
our interest. Enjoy! —

One in three kids in the United
States is obese or overweight. And now a new
law states that health insurance and employers have to pay for the cost of screening
children for obesity
while providing counseling as needed. Will this help
get our kids accustomed to a healthy lifestyle? (NY Times)

Red Carpet Maternity: Have you ever
had to wear something really fancy while pregnant? Check out this stunning red
carpet maternity dress
! (Design Mom)

Unbelievable! 31-year old Rabita Sarker successfully gives
birth on the PATH train
on Monday. (Gothamist)

Even more unbelievable. Did you hear about the local school
employee who faked her own daughter’s death…to take
a vacation
? (Fox News)

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater: Kids
find it’s easier
to cheat at school today
more than ever. Read these tips to help your kids
avoid the temptation. (CNN)

Birthday Michelle
! The FLOTUS, and mom of two, turns 48 Check out this
slideshow of her sweetest moments of the year. (Huffington Post)

Feeling a little isolated every since the arrival of your
new little bundle of joy. Author K.J Dell’Antonia offers up a simple solution: get
! (NY Times)

The Tiger Mom debates continue. An assistant professor of human
development and family studies has found that high-achieving Chinese-American
students are more
depressed and anxious than white children
. (TIME)

Two of the funniest mom bloggers out there, Samantha Bee and
Allana Harkin reveal some of the
best (read: funniest) comments they’ve received from their posts
. (Babble)

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