• Best Of The Web: February 15-21

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    Contributors: Sharon
    Beesley, Elizabeth Raymond

    Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
    our interest. Enjoy! —

    Laura Mayes, a traditional mom by most measures, doesn’t
    appreciate being lumped in with the Millions Moms who have registered outrage
    at JCPenney’s choice of Ellen as a spokesperson. Go
    ! (Babble)

    Affluent, born-abroad parents prefer to send their kids to NYC
    public schools
    , more so than local parents. Why are they less comfortable with the idea of our private
    schools? (NY Times)

    Just for fun. Don’t you wish you could take a pic of your
    kid that looked just
    like this
    ? We do. (Dooce)

    Puppet justice is served. Supreme Court Justice Sonia
    Sotomayor makes a visit to Sesame Street
    to settle the infamous Baby
    Bear vs. Goldilocks case
    . (TIME)

    The YouTube video of a dad shooting his daughter’s laptop
    has gone viral with almost 23 million views! But did this father
    go too far
    ? Many disagree with his actions; some applaud him. (Forbes)

    Kids with disabilities find it hard
    to make friends
    . Read about one mother’s heartbreaking experience. (The Huffington Post)

    Following fashion week? Check out Mara
    Hoffman’s “hypnotic” prints for fall
    . (Lady and the Blog)

    As we all get used to the idea of a world without Whitney
    , co-stars describe her on the set of her new movie Sparkle as being “mother-like.” (NY Post)

    A Chicago
    charter school actually fines students (five bucks!) for infractions. Judy
    Browne-Dianis, Advancement Project co-director, explains why she is protesting
    the school’s policies
    . Check out this video and see what you think. (CNN)

    Check out this heart-warming story of a mother who had labor
    induced so her dying husband could meet his new baby. See him hold
    his new daughter
    . (CBS News)