• Best Of The Web: December 7-13

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    By Whitney Casser

    Contributors: Veronica
    Torok and Briehn Trumbauer

    Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
    our interest. Enjoy! —

    Does anyone actually think the Muppets
    are communists
    ? Fox News does. (Slate)

    Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t really know “how she does it.”
    Unlike her movie character, she’s highly
    realistic about family life
    . “Kids can really distract you from your
    relationship,” she tells The Telegraph,
    “maybe in good ways and bad ways.” (The

    Here’s a news piece for the kiddos. Two little ones play
    Ebert & Roeper and review
    Arthur Christmas
    —they give it a 10 out of 10! (Bored Mommy)

    The Bronx
    Science principal
    may rub some teachers the wrong way, but is she making the
    high school a better place for learning? Decide for yourself after reading this
    detailed story. (New York Magazine)

    Some bloggers believe the Times was foolish to interview Jerry
    and give him a platform on which to speak. What do you think?

    Should the 200-pound boy really be taken
    from his parents
    ? Mom and Dad are being accused of medical neglect. (Huffington Post)

    Coloring book apps and karaoke games turn the iPad
    into a toddler’s most exciting toy
    , giving parents more reasons to
    rationalize making an expensive technology purchase. (USA Today)

    The problem of sexting has had parents worried for awhile, and many are still
    unsure of how to teach kids awareness about the consequences of these actions.
    Luckily, it may not be as
    a problem as we thought
    . (Detroit Free

    These totally adorable tots got caught on camera catching
    some ZZZs
    in hilarious poses. (MSN)

    Learn the lingo, ya noob: HuffPo Canada
    rounded up the 10
    words and phrases
    teenagers are using these days. (HuffPo Canada)

    A highly controversial campaign
    against parent/baby co-sleeping
    has recently surfaced. Decide for yourself
    if the ads are effective or if they cause unnecessary drama. (NY Times)

    Tired of your family’s old heirloom holiday cookie recipe? Here are 25 new ones to get you baking. (Washington Post)

    Now, we leave you with a nice steamy
    to warm up on a cold winter day. (Dooce)