• Best Of The Web: August 10-August 16

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    Kelly Farrell and Gavriella Mahpour

    Here’s our
    weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued our interest. Enjoy! —

    The FBI has
    launched a missing
    child app
    that stores your kid’s vital information, contact info for the
    authorities and tips on keeping your child safe. Is it something you’d
    download? (Huffington Post)

    Are schools
    across the country giving kids too
    much homework
    ? During the weeks leading up to schools reopening, parents
    and experts weigh in within this intriguing article. (USA Today)

    Skenazy of Free-Range Kids talks about how parents can get over the fear
    of being blamed for their parenting
    , with the unique example of children
    walking to camp. (Free-Range Kids)

    A popular blogger reminds moms to donate
    their bras
    this month. Bust out your old brassieres! (A Child Grows)

    The American Academy of Pediatrics has just released new
    safety guidelines
    for kids and teens who play sports in the summer heat. A
    timely topic after two Georgia high school football players died
    following practice in the 90-degree outdoors. (Huffington Post)

    In celebrity baby news, Sarah
    Palin is a grandma yet again
    ! Son Track and his wife Britta welcomed a baby
    girl on Sunday. (Baby Center)

    to psychologist Larry Rosen, Facebook,
    Twitter, and texting
    can lead to increased sleeping problems, trouble
    concentrating, and anxiety and depression in teens. (Chicago Tribune)

    Walrond takes a “perfect” photo-op-filled
    trip to San Diego
    with her family. Do you think NYC is just perfect? Why not work with your child to make your
    own photo mosaic of our wonderful city! (Chookooloonks)

    new study
    reveals that the vast majority of foods coming out of
    pre-schooler’s lunch boxes at lunchtime are not kept at safe temperatures,
    indicating the possible presence of harmful bacteria that could cause food
    poisoning. (TIME)

    We thought
    NYC had some great
    public pools
    . Boy, were we wrong! Joanna Goddard finds a travel article
    that puts
    our water holes to shame
    . (A
    Cup of Joe