• Best Of The Web: April 4-10

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    Contributors: Meghan
    Gearino and Elizabeth Raymond

    Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
    our interest. Enjoy! —

    Looking to avoid the post-Easter cavity fest? Here are 10 non-candy
    ideas for your kiddos’ Easter baskets. (Lil

    One hopefully high school-bound student is an encyclopedia
    of sports knowledge, but he’s been benched
    during the first round of school admissions
    . But family and friends are
    confident that Omri Shefet will be picked up by the right school, reminding the
    boy of experiences like Jeremy Lin and Victor Cruz. (New York Times)

    Ever heard of “nature deficit
    ”? A recent report says that children in the UK
    are shown to experience suffering levels of health and education because less
    time is being spent outdoors. (BBC)

    Do the fate
    of an autistic child and race intersect
    ? Find out what the new study in
    Pediatrics says about this social injustice problem. (The Huffington Post)

    Forget Tiger Moms. Helicopter
    are now the new micromanaging-parenting queens, advising their
    daughters on how to dress for dates and even writing their college essays! (ABC News)

    Schools are now banning too-sexy prom dresses in hopes of
    stalling the disturbing trend. Many of the banned gowns imitate red carpet
    dresses. See for yourself and check
    out the photos
    . (The Huffington

    One of America’s
    favorite fast food chains is getting healthier for you and your family! Check
    out what new
    Burger King will begin offering on their menu. (The Washington Post)

    Hilary Duff shares baby photos! Well, just the feet. Take a
    peek at Luca’s
    little toesies
    . (Babyrazzi)

    Be careful about how you talk to your children about race. A
    new Anderson Cooper investigation explores whether black
    or white children are more optimistic about race
    issues than their peers—and
    indicates that optimism or pessimism starts in the home. (CNN)

    A clothes-less household: See one mommy blogger’s explanation
    as to why she thinks nudity at home is no problem. (New York Times)

    Just about the most casually chic maternity clothes we could
    imagine. HATCH
    has just launched their awesome spring collection. (A Cup of Jo)