April 10, 2012

Best Of The Web: April 11-17

Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

By Whitney Casser

Contributors: Meghan
Gearino and Elizabeth Raymond

Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
our interest. Enjoy! —

First it was Christmas vs. Hanukkah, now it’s Easter vs. Passover. Which religion will reign supreme in the celebration “faith-off?” (The Daily Show)

Looks like the First Family spends Easter just like us!
Check out these
great photos
from the 134th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll. (The Los Angeles Times)

The consequences of trauma can be severe for families,
including behavioral issues and violence in children. Thankfully, New
York’s own Safe Horizon released a report that also
indicated there is a
remarkably effective intervention
. (New
York Times

Can Park Slope Parents really ban
ice cream trucks
? They may try. But perhaps the better approach is to look
at the frozen treat temptations as a teachable moment in saying “no.” (Babble)

Mattel agrees to make a bald Barbie for children with
cancer and other medical conditions. Check out this NPR interview to learn more about the new dolls. (NPR)

We’ve all heard of road rage, but is screen rage the new
norm for kids? Find out about this new kind of temper tantrum. (Jezebel

Are guys attracted to baby bumps? Here’s a funny and insightful piece on
some male reactions to pregnancy. (CNN)

Love it, or hate it. The
Hunger Games
are a hot topic in the parenting world lately. See the latest
debate on whether these controversial books should be stocked
in school libraries
. (CBS News)

Childhood obesity may have another culprit to blame besides
inactivity and fatty foods. A new study
finds genetics also plays a huge part. (ABC

Same story, different day: Another former child star has
found herself in the midst of very serious
legal issues
. (People Magazine)

Childhood favorite PB&J sandwiches…as a drink? For
parents only! Check out the new concoction that Van Gogh
Vodka has created. (Refinery 29)

Living alone in NYC—and everywhere for that matter—is on the
rise. An NYU sociologist has been studying aloneness and writes about the
phenomenon of “the
cult of the individual
.” (The New

Disney and Disney Junior will be airing celeb poetry
readings this month. And we’re excited for Jessica Alba’s rendition of “De
Colores,” a Mexican folk song. Check out when
segments will air at HuffPo
. (The
Huffington Post

Zooey Deschanel admits that she
doesn’t want kids
. Hmmm…did she also admit that her acting is subpar?
Kidding! Kind of… (Babyrazzi)

Instagram (which was just bought by Facebook) is a common medium
of expression for tweens and teens. And Yoursphere for Parents suggests that
you might want to talk with your kids about
privacy and also cyber-bullying
. (The
Washington Post

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