• Best Baby Bottles For 2013

    By Tashween Ali, Nick Bell, Pearl Shin, Chrissy Makris

    The transition from breast to bottle is rarely easy. Luckily, feeding products are getting more and more technologically advanced, with innovative designs that make the process as natural as possible for both mom and baby. Here’s a collection of bottles that take everything from colic to non-toxic materials into consideration.

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    • Lansinoh mOmma Feeding Bottles and NaturalWave Nipples
      The appeal of this bottle-feeding system is twofold: a round, easy-to-hold bottle design and a patented NaturalWave Nipple with three milk flow speeds, allowing your baby to mimic natural sucking rhythms. 
      From $9.99, lansinoh.com

    • AVENT Natural Bottle
      AVENT’s newest bottle has a petal design on the nipple created for a natural, similar-to-breast latch, plus a dual valve system to keep air from going into baby’s tummy. The wide neck design is easy to hold and to clean. 
      From $8.49, philips.com

    • 5 Phases Hybrid Glass Baby Bottle
      5 Phases combines the health and safety of glass with the durability of a plastic bottle—a a removable glass insert within a plastic sleeve helps prevent accidents and contains shattered shards. Coming soon in a convenient 4 oz. size. 
      $19.99, 5phases.com

    • Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottles
      Dr. Brown’s patented internal vent system reduces colic and preserves essential vitamins by keeping air from mixing with the milk. For transitioning babies, the breast-shaped and -sized wide neck is especially helpful. 
      From $6.99, drbrownsbaby.com

    • Playtex Drop-Ins Original Nurser
      Playtex’s drop-in system mimics breastfeeding, increases milk consumption, and reduces colic (liners collapse as baby feeds so less air is taken in). Plus, the liners are pre-sterilized so you can say "bye-bye" to boiling. 
      From $4.49, playtex.com

    • Similac SimplyStart Bottle
      This bottle has a multitude of mom-friendly features including SmartClose, which has a blue shield that appears when the bottle is properly closed, and EasyMix, which reduces bubbles and clumps when mixing formula. 
      $4.99, similac.com

    • MAM Anti-Colic Bottle
      This bottles has bottom venting valves for maximum airflow without leakage and an ultra-soft silicone nipple. Great for busy moms, the self-sterilizing feature means cleaning in only three minutes. 
      From $6.99, mambaby.com

    • Pura Kiki Bottle
      Pura Kiki’s stainless steel bottles now come with a Natural Vent Nipple, which mimics the variable flow rate of breastfeeding. Bonus: bottles also transition to sippy cups with a simple switch of the top. 
      From $13.99 5oz, purastainless.com

    • Adiri NxGen Nurser
      The Adiri Nurser has a special bottom vent system to help reduce colic and comes apart into three easy-to-clean pieces. Other bonuses: interchangeable nipples for different milk-flow rates and a warming disc. 
      From $13.97, reliabrand.com

    • BARE Bottle
      Bittylab’s BARE bottle uses a built-in air plug that expels all air after the bottle is filled. The nipples extend and retract during feeding to reduce air intake, and the bottle dispenses milk in an upright position for feeding from any angle. 
      $14.99, bittylab.com

    • Born Free Disney Bottle
      Born Free was the pioneer in making chemical-free products and baby-controlled milk flow, with internal vent systems for all dishwasher-safe bottles. And the Minnie and Simba graphics from the Disney line just scream “happy childhood.”
      $7.99, newbornfree.com

    • Comotomo Baby Bottle
      Made out of medical-grade silicone, these bottles are soft, skin-like, and even a bit squeezy to imitate the breastfeeding experience. The super-wide mound makes for easy cleaning, and the two vents minimize air intake. 
      2-packs from $22.99, comotomo.com

    • Evenflo Bebek Collection Bottle
      Evenflo Bebek bottles reduces gas, colic, and fussiness with rapid venting to release air bubbles into the bottle instead of your baby’s tummy. The ergonomic shape also encourage an easier latch. 
      From $4.99, evenflo.com

    • Klean Kid Kanteen Stainless Steel Baby Bottles
      These toxin-free, stainless steel bottles are designed with proper digestion and development in mind. What’s more, the wide mouth is easy to clean, and its hourglass shape is easy for small baby hands to hold. 
      From $18.95, kleankanteen.com

    • Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Comfort Bottle
      This durable bottle features a super-wide neck for simple, secure opening and closing. A patented air venting system prevents bubble formations in the milk. 
      From $10.99, tommeetippee.us

    • Medela Calma
      Medela’s Calma is a superb bottle for simulating the breastfeeding experience. With a nipple that allows milk to flow when (and only when) babies create a vacuum, they’ll be able to feed, pause, and breathe naturally, just as they intuitively do with breastfeeding. 
      From $17.99, medela.com

    • Lifefactory Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve
      Made of shock-resistant glass and covered in silicone sleeves, these bottles provides excellent grip for little hands and cushions the occasional drop. The unique borosilicate glass also protects transfers from the freezer into boiling water. 
      $14.99, lifefactory.com

    • The First Years Gumdrop Wide Neck Bottle
      This baby bottle has all the necessary features, from a wide neck to a bottom air-venting system. It has the same nipple shape as its popular Gumdrop pacifier, so it’ll feel just as natural. 
      3-pack $14.99, thefirstyears.com

    • Mixie Baby Formula Bottle
      This baby bottle is all about convenience. You can add the water to the bottle and load up the formula in a separate compartment in advance, then press a button to release the powder into the bottle when it’s time to feed. 
      From $17.99, 8 ounces $19.99, mixiebaby.com

    • ThinkBaby BPA Free Bottle
      The venting system in this toxin-free bottle reduces vacuum pressure that occurs during feeding. Its cross cut nipples mimic natural breastfeeding, and the no-spill design prevents messes all around. 
      2-pack from $9.99, thinkbabybottles.com

    • NUK Tie-Dye Orthodontic Bottles
      These bottles combine style with benefits like a soothing venting and an orthodontic nipple that supports oral development. The drinking hole is located on the topside of the nipple, not the tip, for better saliva-milk mixing and improved digestion. 
      $5.49, nuk-usa.com


    • Mimijumi Very Hungry Bottle
      Mimijumi’s distinctly shaped 8 oz. bottles feel natural for baby and are fun to look at for mom. Both the screw-on nipple and the bottle, which has integrated venting to prevent colic, are dishwasher-safe and BPA- and latex-free. 
      $14.99, mimijumi.com


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