• Be Well!

    A Quick List Of Wonderful Wellness Websites

    Attempting to maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle
    can be challenging for the average city dweller.
    tricky to find the time to catch up on the latest health news
    . But juggling a job or housework
    while raising children may feel downright daunting. Fortunately, the
    internet is a superb source for all things health-related. With that in mind, we discovered
    some of the best wellness websites which are sure to keep you fit and feeling

    The Happiness
    Gretchen Rubin, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The
    Happiness Project
    , has created a blog
    in which she posts her short but sweet insights on how to lead a happier life.

    TIME’s Healthland: TIME
    magazine’s highly informative site offers
    an array of articles on topics such as medicine, diet and fitness, love and
    family, and mental health.

    Tara Parker-Pope’s “Well”
    New York Times columnist
    Tara Parker-Pope provides in-depth, practical health advice based on medical
    research and expert opinions.

    Nourish Interactive: A
    family-friendly site with fun
    nutrition games for kids, interactive tools, recipes and tips for parents to promote healthy living.

    The Juggle: The Wall Street Journal’s health blog provides readers with news
    and tips on parenting, workplace issues, commuting, caregiving, and other daily
    issues that families face.

    Berkeley Parents Network: Founded in 1993, this
    website contains thousands of pages
    of recommendations and advice from members of the Berkeley Parents Network, an
    email-based group of parents in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Practically Green: This
    interactive guide gives visitors the
    tools to live a healthy green lifestyle with a database of products and
    services that are environmentally friendly.

    Minding The Body: Psychology Today features a
    comprehensive index of blogs from licensed doctors and psychologists. One of
    our favorites is
    by Linda Wasmer Andrews whose “Ultimate
    Napping: A How-To Guide
    ,” is a must-read.

    Kidnetic: With
    fun game ideas for getting active,
    Kidnetic inspires kids to beat bedroom boredom with dancing, fitness
    challenges, scavenger hunts, and cooking ideas around the house and outside.

    Care2’s Healthy & Green Living: This environmentally-minded webpage covers everything from healthy portion sizes to avoiding sunburn. Don’t miss special sections on gardening and pets!