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Baby Countdown

By Leah Black

7 Ways To Enjoy The Final Days Of Pregnancy

pregnant The last weeks and days of pregnancy can sometimes feel like waiting game in which you’re twiddling your thumbs, waiting for baby to arrive. But as any new parent can tell you, your last moments pre-baby are also your last chance to have some quality “me time” before your little game changer gets here! Because although having a baby is [more]

Registry Rescue

By Leah Black

10 Tips For Taking The Stress Out Of The Baby Checklist (Plus, Some Products Picks From The Pros)

One of the first thoughts to strike a new parent—after feelings of joy, of course—is just how much stuff their new bundle of cuteness requires. Hence, the baby registry: a smart way to keep track of baby’s needs while providing loved ones with the chance to give you something they know you’ll love. But creating a baby registry can be an overwhelming process. I remember [more]

Reading New York

By Leah Black

My Toddler’s 5 Favorite Books About The City

I've been reading to my son since the day we brought him home from the hospital, and by now we've accumulated well over 100 books. But the ones that remain his favorites are the ones about city life. And by favorites, I mean the ones he will not slap out of my hand when we're in the middle of reading [more]

In-Flight Entertainment

By Leah Black

Favorite Toys For Keeping A Toddler Entertained En Route

[Two Editor's Notes} 1. New York Family & The Plaza Hotel are giving away a two-night Babymoon to new and expectant parents (with infants or toddlers.  Sign Up Here.  We're also giving away two sets of Skip Hop's new and wonderful 4-piece crib bedding line. More Here. 2.  New York Family has just established a wonderful (and free) weekly e-newsletter for expectant and new [more]

Sitter Tales

By Leah Black

Do You Have A Good Relationship With Your Babysitter? 10 Dos And Don’ts For Parents

As I’ve chitchatted with various babysitters, I’ve heard grumblings about what it’s like to babysit for “problem” parents. Curious about what the most common gripes are, I asked two excellent sitters I know to come up a list of babysitting “dos” and “don’ts “ for moms and dads. I was surprised to learn how simple their requests are--and that even [more]

TV Turn Off

By Leah Black

Why I Don’t Like To Watch The Tube Around My Toddler

I don't let my son watch much TV. Occasionally, I turn on PBS Kids if I need to get dinner in the oven without him hanging on my leg, or let him watch a Sesame Street video on my laptop if the two of us need a break. But that's about it. So on a recent flight back home from [more]