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Our Le$$er Parenting Columnist Hilary Chura Weighs In On How To Cost-Save For Camp:

By Hillary Chura

Here, a few tips of her own

Cashpile Send the children to relatives living in more economical environs: Once they hit first grade or so, many kids relish time away with the grandparents or cousins. It’s a bonus when those relatives happen to live in less expensive zip codes. Last July, both our sons went to a full-week, half-day LEGO camp outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Total cost for [more]

How Mary Poppins Can Go Part-Time

By Hillary Chura

Nanny sharing means you can keep your nanny as well as money in your pocket.

images As the school year is well under way, your childcare needs may have lessened—especially when it comes to your full time nanny has always helped rear the little ones.   If you still need some help (but can’t justify a $3,000 monthly fee now that the kids are in school several hours a day), consider sharing your longtime nanny with another [more]

Buried Treasure In Times Square

By Hillary Chura

This New York City mom spends a swashbuckling afternoon with her young boys at the Shipwreck exhibit.

shipwreck-discovery-times-square While both the Lego exhibit and Odyssey’s Shipwreck: Pirates & Treasure at Discovery Times Square are pretty cool, if you’re tight for time or funds, your short ones might prefer the show with pirates. At first, I didn’t have high hopes that our two sons, Andy and CJ, would be entertained by the exploits of the Odyssey. I mean, the boys [more]

What To See At The Art Of The Brick

By Hillary Chura

Our blogger visits the Discovery Times Square’s LEGO exhibit with her 10-year-old son.

LEGO-dino Two kinds of people can expect to get a kick out of The Art of the Brick, the Discovery Times Square’s LEGO exhibit: the enlightened ones who come upon a lopsided urinal and see a work of art—and the rest of us who see a toilet may out of tiny toy pieces. On display are famous paintings, sculptures, religious statues, architectural [more]

New York City Parking Ballet

By Hillary Chura

The Ins and Outs of Parking On the Cheap from our Parenting for Le$$ Blogger.

parkingballet When my husband and I visited New York City as tourists long ago, driving in the city elevated our blood pressure. Then we moved here, and I realized that the driving wasn’t the problem. It was the parking. (And the subway, and the apartment search, and the sticker shock, and the crowds….)   In those Pre-Harlem-Costco days, we’d muse how nice it [more]

NYC Museums On The Cheap

By Hillary Chura

Our Le$$er Parenting blogger Hillary Chura divulges some of the city’s best deals for affordable museum visits.

Tour the New York Fed to educate kids about the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Federal Reserve System, photo from One of the best things about living in New York City is the abundance of museums. Or at least that’s what I hear… What with trying to pull kids away from tidying their rooms (ha!) and attempting [more]