• Fantastic Gymnastics

    Young NYC gymnasts give us their tips on sticking it!

    By Mia Weber

    From teaching kids their first somersaults to fostering serious and sophisticated young competitors, NYC’s wealth of gymnastics programs offer top-notch training to growing gymnasts. We asked some enthusiastic young tumblers from a variety of the city’s facilities to tell us what they love most about their sport and to offer a few tips for fellow city kids thinking of giving it a whirl.

    • 74TH STREET MAGIC, 74magic.com

      “I can be active and do whatever I want…I like the beauty of it. I want to go to the Olympics some day—that's my dream.” Kim Wei, 8

      “You get to do a lot of things in gymnastics just like on the playground. You learn how to jump, balance, and do cartwheels.” Juliet Wei, 5

      Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein

    • 92Y, 92y.org

      I like gymnastics because it's fun and challenging, and I've made a lot of friends on the team… And the new studio [at 92Y] has equipment that is good, fresh, and new!” Hana Prokop, 7

      Photo by Karen Haberberg Photography

    • ASPHALT GREEN, asphaltgreen.org

      Emmanuelle, age 11, has been with Asphalt Green since 2008, when she started in the girls’ recreational program. In 2011 she joined the team program where she became one of the top competitors. Now, she is working on becoming a Level-8 gymnast.

      Photo by Karen Haberberg Photography

    • CHELSEA PIERS, chelseapiers.com

      What I love most about gymnastics is having fun with my teammates and learning new things.” Jacob Altman, 9

      Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein

    • COLUMBUS GYM, columbusgymnyc.com

      If you miss, don’t be mad—just keep practicing and you’ll get it. I especially encourage boys to do gymnastics, because mostly it’s girls. And we learn to do really cool tricks!” Ava Johnston, 8

      Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein

    • DISCOVERY PROGRAMS, discoveryprograms.com

      “The thing that I love most about gymnastics is the rush you get when you land…everyone is clapping and you are smiling. I mean, it’s a great feeling.” Lilu Goren, 8

      Photo by Andrew Schwartz

    • GYMTIME RHYTHM & GLUES, gymtime.net

      [The coaches at Gymtime] take you in as a family member right when you step into the gym. I've learned so much more than I ever expected to.” Olivia Donofrio, 10

      Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein

    • JODI’S GYM, jodisgym.com

      “I just love the feeling of getting a new trick and being able to do it on my own. It feels so cool.” Casey Fogelman, 10

       Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein

    • My Gym Harlem, mygym.com/harlem‎

      [Gymnastics] is learning and fun wrapped together. You'll feel proud of the things you will be able to do!” Maya Silver, 9

      “I like doing tricks on the bars, climbing, and swinging. And the best thing is: It's super fun!” Zoe Silver, 7

      Photo by Karen Haberberg Photography

    • NYC ELITE GYMNASTICS, nycelite.com

      “[I love] being able to flip, land, and do things that other people can't do—it makes me feel free.” Natalie Scibetta (who is nationally ranked as one of the top 100 gymnasts in her age group), 10

      Photo by Andrew Schwartz

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